Q: Is there an Early Bird discount?

A: Yes! Once registration is open, we will outline the details of the benefits for those who register early.

Q: After I have bought my ticket, can I get refund if I can’t go?

A: All ticket sales are final.

If you cannot attend, you can transfer your ticket to another person by sending us an email with the following:
Your full name and registration information as well as the name, email address and phone of the person to whom you are transferring it.

Q:  What’s the age range for this conference?

A: The age range for the Calgary MSA Regional Conference is 27-45.  (Older YSAs in their late 20s are welcome to join us.) If you are a year or two under or over the age range and can blend in, that’s fine.

Q: I really don’t know anyone, and I’m a little nervous going alone, any suggestions?

A. You are not alone in this feeling. The Calgary MSA Regional Conference has several planned activities throughout the weekend, where everyone will have the opportunity to meet people in smaller group settings.

You can also coordinate carpools during the conference and rooms beforehand with other singles by checking our Lodging page or joining our Calgary Regional Mid Singles Facebook page.

Q: I would like to attend the entire conference, but I can’t really afford it… Any suggestions?

A: You can register early to take advantage of the reduced fee and/or proactively put aside a few bucks every paycheck for the next few months so you will have it saved by June! If that doesn’t work, we understand that ‘life happens’. Please don’t hesitate to contact conference organizers in June at [email protected] if you find yourself financially strapped. We wouldn’t want finances to hinder any members who desire to go to conference.

Q: How do I coordinate with others in sharing rides or rooms?

A: The easiest way to coordinate with others to share rides or rooms is to use the Calgary MSA Regional Conference Lodging Page or our Calgary Regional Mid Singles Facebook page.

Q: Why do I need to register now instead of just showing up at the door?

A: We encourage everyone to register sooner than later as the entirety of registration fees goes towards paying for the cost of the conference itself – the earlier people pay, the better the conference.  If everyone registers late and/or just shows up at the door, it lessens the quality of the activities, food and venues that time affords us and makes planning much more difficult to coordinate and budget.
The earlier everyone registers; the better the conference experience we can provide and you get a discount for doing it! All registration whether beforehand or at the door must be done online.

Q: What’s the dress code for this conference?
A: If you are attending the temple on Thursday night, it’s Sunday attire.
Saturday during the workshops and after lunch activity, it’s causal or athletic wear. The Saturday dinner and dance is smart causal.
Sunday is Sunday attire.

Q: Will there be any interpreters there?
A: We will be having an ASL interpreter for our Saturday workshops and Sunday Sacrament, so please let our friends and members who are deaf or hard of hearing know so they can join in on a weekend of Fun and Spirituality!