Lions Gate MSA Ward

For those not in attendance at the LIONS GATE MSA WARD meeting last night, the ward was created and sustained, the bishopric was called (sorry, I didn’t write down their names) and they and Elder Spackman spoke.

The Ward will commence it’s meetings on May 21st (May long weekend) and will be held at 1 pm at 202 Crescent Rd NW.

The Ward will operate in much the same way as a YSA ward with Sacrament, Sunday School and Priesthood / Relief Society. There will not be a Primary or Young Men / Young Women program.

Parents with children are encouraged to keep their membership in their current ward, but are also encouraged to attend any / all of the worship services and ward activities put on by the Lions Gate Ward.

The Lions Gate Ward is for ‘legally single’ members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints between the ages of 31 to 45. Older members of the YSA are also invited to attend our worship services and activities if they wish.

Members of the seven Calgary stakes that meet the age and legal requirements of the new MSA ward will not automatically become members. If after careful consideration and prayer you feel to join the new ward, you can begin the process here: