June 4th: MSA Conference Sacrament

Special Sunday Conference Service
1pm – 202 Crescent Rd NW

Presiding: Prez Lonsdale of the Confederation Park Stake
Conducting: Brother Matt Viklund

Opening Prayer: By Invitation
Opening Hymn: #243 Let us all Press On

Recap of the creation of the Lions Gate Ward and Announcements

Sacrament Hymn: #174 While of these Emblems we Partake

Speaker: Sister Missy Cooper
Speaker: Sister Christa Michele Merrell

Musical Number: “Guide Me to Thee” – Sabrina Steed & Carolyn Pack

Speaker: Brother Benjamin Slocombe

Closing Hymn: #263 Go Forth with Faith
Closing Prayer: By Invitation

Sunday School taught by Sister Cindy Russell

A light lunch will be served afterward. If the weather is sunny, bring a blanket to sit on out on the chapel lawn. Tables and chairs will also be setup in the cultural hall.