June 26: Kid Friendly FHE – KICK OFF THE SUMMER!!!

June 26,6:30pm
Sundance Lake – BRING YOUR KIDS!!!
63 Suncrest Way SE

We’re full 🙂

If you still want to try and come, text Rubin Angulo @ 403-918-0127 or Cathy Smith @ 403-796-9110.

This is a private lake. If your name isn’t on someone’s list that has a lake card…you CAN’T get in.

Walk across the little bridge to the Hut for hamburgers (it’s beside the ship playground)

We will have beach Volleyball going or you can bring rackets to play tennis or frisbees to toss around.

Ladies, please bring fruit, salad or something along those lines.
Men, please bring a dessert.

IF it is raining, come to the Sundance Chapel 100 Sunpark Drive SE