April 23 – Lions Gate MSA Ward Information Session

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

The proposal to create the Lions Gate Ward for Single Adults ages 31-45 has been approved. Similar to the Varisty Branch (Mandarin) and Crescent View Ward (Spanish), this ward’s boundary will cover the whole city/region.

Lions Gate Singles Ward – Information Meeting – Apr 23Interested single adults ages 31 to 45 in all seven Calgary stakes are invited to attend a special meeting to hear of plans for the new Singles Ward in Calgary serving that age group. The hour-long meeting will be held on Sunday, April 23rd at 5:00PM at the Crescent Road building located at 202 Crescent Road NW. Elder G. Lawrence Spackman is scheduled to preside at that meeting.

Lions Gate Singles Ward – start dateRegular Sunday meetings will begin on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 1:00PM at the Crescent Road building (202 Crescent Road NW). All single adults (ages 31-45) are welcome to attend. All interested single adults may request to transfer their membership to the new ward via an online form at http://lionsgatesingles.ca/

For any questions and for more information, please attend the information meeting. Also you may talk to your bishop.

** There will be a potluck held from 6 pm to 7 pm. Our regular Singles fireside will continue at 7 pm.

March 12: Regional MSA Sacrament / Sunday School / Potluck

All single adults 31 – 45 are welcome to attend our monthly MSA meeting. Older YSA are also welcome to attend if they wish. Parents are welcome to bring their children, provided the children have already attended their own meetings in their home ward.

Spaghetti Potluck to follow.

March 19th: A Night of History

Family History!

…no, wait! Come back! Don’t run away! This is going to be fun 😀

Did you know that even if you don’t have anything to update, you can begin recording YOUR history? So after you get married, your children and your children’s children can read what you’ll write on March 19th.

And we’ll have munchies. OH, and experts on hand to hold your hand while you explore the fabulous online world of family history.

Hosted by the West Stake. Bow Valley Building 7 PM
2526 24 Ave NW