June 26: Kid Friendly FHE – KICK OFF THE SUMMER!!!

June 26,6:30pm
Sundance Lake – BRING YOUR KIDS!!!
63 Suncrest Way SE

We’re full 🙂

If you still want to try and come, text Rubin Angulo @ 403-918-0127 or Cathy Smith @ 403-796-9110.

This is a private lake. If your name isn’t on someone’s list that has a lake card…you CAN’T get in.

Walk across the little bridge to the Hut for hamburgers (it’s beside the ship playground)

We will have beach Volleyball going or you can bring rackets to play tennis or frisbees to toss around.

Ladies, please bring fruit, salad or something along those lines.
Men, please bring a dessert.

IF it is raining, come to the Sundance Chapel 100 Sunpark Drive SE

June 11 – Sacrament

Sunday, June 11th Sacrament Meeting
1pm @ 202 Crescent Rd NW

Opening Hymn: #147 Sweet is the work

Ward Business

Sacrament Hymn: #170 God, Our Father, Hear us pray

1st Speaker: Brother Doran Davidson – Teaching in the Savior’s Way

Intermediate Hymn: #228 You Can Make the Pathway Bright

2nd Speaker: Brother Jared Layton – Invite others to serve with us

Closing Hymn: #281 Help Me Teach with Inspiration

Sunday School and Priesthood / Relief Society to follow.

June 4th: MSA Conference Sacrament

Special Sunday Conference Service
1pm – 202 Crescent Rd NW

Presiding: Prez Lonsdale of the Confederation Park Stake
Conducting: Brother Matt Viklund

Opening Prayer: By Invitation
Opening Hymn: #243 Let us all Press On

Recap of the creation of the Lions Gate Ward and Announcements

Sacrament Hymn: #174 While of these Emblems we Partake

Speaker: Sister Missy Cooper
Speaker: Sister Christa Michele Merrell

Musical Number: “Guide Me to Thee” – Sabrina Steed & Carolyn Pack

Speaker: Brother Benjamin Slocombe

Closing Hymn: #263 Go Forth with Faith
Closing Prayer: By Invitation

Sunday School taught by Sister Cindy Russell

A light lunch will be served afterward. If the weather is sunny, bring a blanket to sit on out on the chapel lawn. Tables and chairs will also be setup in the cultural hall.

May 21 – Lions Gate Sacrament / SS / M&M

Sunday, May 21st.
202 Crescent Rd NW @1 pm

1st Speaker – Sister Marianne Swihart
2nd Speaker – Brother Garret Swihart
3rd Speaker – Bishop Randy Johnson

Sunday School will follow.

The 3rd hour be a Mix’n Mingle with refreshments.

To request that your membership be transferred to Lions Gate, please use the following link: CLICK HERE

* Please note: The Lions Gate Ward is for legally single adults under the age of 45. We hope to see our friends over the age of 45 at private functions, but ask that they refrain from attending official Lions Gate worship services & activities.

Calgary Lions Gate Ward Leadership

Bishop Randy Johnson
[email protected]
Ph# 403-607-9030

Brother LeRay Witbeck (1st Counselor)
[email protected]
Ph# 403-651-3955

Brother Garret Swihart (2nd Counselor)
[email protected]
Ph# 403-852-6769

Lions Gate MSA Ward

For those not in attendance at the LIONS GATE MSA WARD meeting last night, the ward was created and sustained, the bishopric was called (sorry, I didn’t write down their names) and they and Elder Spackman spoke.

The Ward will commence it’s meetings on May 21st (May long weekend) and will be held at 1 pm at 202 Crescent Rd NW.

The Ward will operate in much the same way as a YSA ward with Sacrament, Sunday School and Priesthood / Relief Society. There will not be a Primary or Young Men / Young Women program.

Parents with children are encouraged to keep their membership in their current ward, but are also encouraged to attend any / all of the worship services and ward activities put on by the Lions Gate Ward.

The Lions Gate Ward is for ‘legally single’ members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints between the ages of 31 to 45. Older members of the YSA are also invited to attend our worship services and activities if they wish.

Members of the seven Calgary stakes that meet the age and legal requirements of the new MSA ward will not automatically become members. If after careful consideration and prayer you feel to join the new ward, you can begin the process here: